About The Buzz On Biz

The Buzz on Biz concept was developed in 2005 to be a friend to the small business person and to showcase all of the comings, goings, expansions, and trends in the CSRA. There are now six different ways we share that information:

  • Daily TV Morning News Segment on Channel 12 News at 6:40 am
  • Daily Talk Radio Program on 1630 AM or www.wrdwam.com from 12-1pm
  • Daily Updates Here At www.buzzon.biz
  • Weekly E-Newsletter that encompasses all we do. To sign up to receive the email, click here
  • Monthly Newspaper available via subscription for $36 per year by mailing payment to Buzz on Biz, LLC 3740 Executive Center Drive, Suite 300, Martinez, Ga 30907.

Our standards: The “Buzz on Biz” provides topical information, trends, and resources for budding and current entrepreneurs, by sharing information from experts in all of our platforms. Our business model has remained pure: Companies NEVER pay for information that gets disseminated as a “news story” on our “Buzz Programming”. We call this short term “buzz”. If companies want “long-term” buzz, we can provide different, cost-effective options to partner with the “Buzz on Biz” in terms of placing ads or commercials as a sponsor of our newspaper, radio, TV, Web, or E-Newsletter.